Who We Are


Eric Spuur is the pastor of Mt. Angel Bible Church. Ericís passion is teaching through the Bible in a verse-by-verse manner of exposition desiring to help Godís people develop an appetite for Christ and a better understanding of His Word. Graduating from The Masterís Seminary in 1996 (M. Div.) and again in 2002 (Th. M), Eric and his wife Laura took up an invitation from the FIEC (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches) in the United Kingdom and served as Grace Church missionaries in England until they returned home to Portland in the fall of 2007. While in England, Eric served as pastor of Welby Lane Mission Church in Melton Mowbray, England. Upon returning home, he accepted the call for an independent church plant in Mt. Angel, Oregon in 2009. Eric is a member of the IFCA.

Church Leadership

As an independent church plant, we are committed to an elder-ruled form of church government. We believe this model to be in conformity with the NT teaching and model. We are currently working through a 2-year program to train and establish lay elders. In the interim period, we have handful of godly men serving to help direct the church.

Ministry Distinctives

Expository Preaching
We are committed to an expository style of preaching. This means that we seek to establish what the Bible means in a given passage by determining its original meaning to its original audience, and then, apply that meaning to our lives today.

Based on this philosophy, our weekly Sunday ministry is a verse-by-verse study of a particular Bible book trying to cover at least one unit of thought at a time (usually a paragraph). We do take topical tangents now and then, but 90 percent of the time we are working through a Bible book. Currently we are studying the Book of Romans.

We believe this philosophy of preaching to be both the biblical model and the most practical way to grow and equip Godís people (Nehemiah 8.8; 2Timothy 3.16-4.2). Through the work of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God is that which converts and equips the soul (Ps 19.7-9; Rom 1.16-17).

The Gospel of Grace
We are committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Grace. We are not saved by any merit of our own, nor any religious activities, nor any church affiliation. We are saved by the merit of Jesus Christ alone, who lived a perfect life before God and offered it up once and for all in sacrificial death, so that those who trust in His provision might be saved from Godís eternal judgment. The resurrection of Christ was Godís proof that His sacrifice was acceptable. Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

Biblical Church Discipline
We are committed to the practice of church discipline as outlined by our Lord in Mt 18.15-17. We believe this to be Godís intended means for restoring a sinning brother or sister in his/her relationship with God and with His church. We believe every local church has the biblical responsibility to judge the life and teaching of its leaders, as well as, its membership, particularly as the impact of such has great implications upon the witness of the Gospel.

Pastor Eric Spuur